C plastik spol. s r.o.

C plastik

Business Description:

The company C-plastik is a longtime producer and supplier of a wide range of plastic and foil products: pools, tanks, reservoirs, filters for waste water treatment plants, separators, light liquid separators, shafts, sinks. Insulation of a substructure, insulation of roofs, insulation of tanks and ponds.

Other information:

We also offer products intended for fishermen and farmers. Custom-made production from PP, PE, PVC. We apply foils PVC and mPVC. The material for tanks production is entirely UV radiation resistant. They are characterized by excellent dimensional stability. We use several types.

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C plastik spol. s r.o.


Tel.: +420 387 985 035
Fax: +420 387 985 035
GSM: +420 603 457 747

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C plastik spol. s r.o.
Mydlovary 101
České Budějovice
373 49

Czech Republic


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Petr Ciglbauer
company executive
Tel.: +420 603 457 747
Fax: +420 387 985 035

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Martin Ciglbauer
company executive
Tel.: +420 603 142 824
Fax: +420 387 985 035

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Our Products:

C plastik PondsWe realize decorative water ponds, reservoirs and water areas for gardens. We offer a complete solution. We supply ponds also with a filter ...


C plastik ReservoirsReservoirs are used for storage and accumulation of sewage, loose materials, chemicals and various fluids. Reservoirs can also be used as a ...


C plastik SinksSinks are water-proof welded tanks used for fluids, sewage, loose materials and chemicals accumulation. Sinks have a throat with a hole ...


C plastik Treatment plantsTreatment plants are used for disposal of waste water from the least individual sources of pollution, e.g. family houses, guest houses etc. ...

Treatment plants

Business Activity Specification:

Retail, Production

Business Branch:

  • purchase of goods for further sale and sale
  • mediation activity


Bankers: Komerční banka, a.s.
Account No.: 19-5860220217/0100 SWIFT: KOMB CZ PP XXX
Year of Foundation: 1998


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